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When the Weather Outside is Frightful, Make Your Waste Collection Delightful

Winter is Here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Flakes are drifting through the air; children are making snowmen and Old Jack Frost has started nipping at your nose.  Soon the landscape will make a complete transformation into a winter wonderland and with the delightful scenery a new set of challenges will rise for your always dedicated Collection Specialists.

Challenges for Collection Specialists

The winter always presents a few challenges to your regular waste collection.  Slower driving is essential with snow on the ground for the safety of everyone, and for those Waste Professionals who are going door to door, caution is needed with even a light coating of snow to prevent slips and falls.

How You Can Help?

Here are some ways to turn a blustery day into a Joyous Noel for the happy few who brave the sleet and snow to remove the bags of festive joy that the holiday season produces for us all.

Some of us clear the driveway with a shovel, some with a snow-blower and others still rely on a veritable army of landscaping and property management professionals to ensure that walkways and parking lanes are clear of snow and ice.  When the snow flies this year and you grab that shovel, here is a reminder of how to lighten the load for your always friendly Collection Specialist.

A Time and Place for Everything

Once your driveway and sidewalk are clear to your liking, clear out a spot for your bags and your bins.  Once you have cleared out that space it will be easier the next time that the snow flies to maintain it.  One of the largest challenges that outdoor workers face in the winter is having to walk through snow.  Footing is unstable and each step takes just a little more effort than usual.  When your garbage, food waste and recycling is placed on a neatly cleared space at the curb, no one will need to step into a deep drift of snow to take them away.  Wet cuffs and socks from melting snow are uncomfortable, but when it happens consistently, it makers the day feal colder and miserable.  

It Benefits Us All

Keeping your waste accessible not only keeps your property looking tidy, but also puts warm smiles on the cold faces that keep your refuse from becoming a problem over the holidays.

Spread Joy, Peace and Love

This year, spread Joy, Peace and Love.  Enjoy the festivities that are coming, but don’t forget about your dedicated Acorn Waste Collection Specialists, who take away the wrapping paper and the remains of your holiday.  We wish you all a safe winter and happy holiday.