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Waste Collection Services

Acorn Waste Service has a reputation for great waste collection services — Benefiting both our clients and the environment. Collection can be arranged to suit your needs: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.

Waste Collection Services

Unit-to-Unit Collection

  • Regular weekly or bi-weekly collection of bagged garbage, recycling and food waste picked up from exterior units.
  • Acorn will work with residents to customize their collection program.
  • Information on appropriate garbage, recycling and food waste sorting is provided for all residents.  (Food Waste, Recylables, Garbage)
  • Ideal service for townhouse communities and commercial properties

Bin and Cart Staging

  • Suited to medium to high-rise condominiums with bins, carts or compactors
  • Acorn trucks are smaller and have easier access to bins that are in underground garages
  • Carts are rolled out from the underground parking garages to the outside staging area, ready for collection. Carts are later returned to the garage after they have been dumped.

Food Waste

Find out more about our food waste program – Food Waste Program .pdf


  • Small kitchen caddies can be provided to each homeowner.
  • Only certified compostable bags are accepted. All bags must be tied.
  • Bags are placed in small green carts at the end of the driveway/curb on collection day.
  • Program can be customized to suit your needs. 

Central Location

  • Carts (64 gallon) are installed in common areas, with cart liners.
  • When carts are full they are switched with clean empty carts.
  • For ease of the residents, Acorn can provide a compostable bag dispenser (on a stand) and rolls of 325 bags, which easily fit in the dispenser.

Hazardous waste

Acorn Waste Service is not licensed to collect any hazardous waste (items that are corrosive, flammable, explosive or poisonous) This means you must find an alternative means of disposal for:

  • paints and solvents
  • cleaners
  • lightbulbs
  • medicines and syringes
  • batteries (household or car)
  • propane tanks
  • fuel tanks
  • motor oil
  • chemicals 
  • grease

Please keep our waste collectors and sorters safe, and be kind to the environment and one another, by disposing of these items in the proper way.


How do I bag the garbage and recycling? Garbage & recycling must be in “tied” bags– a black bag for garbage and blue or clear bags for recycling. Bags/boxes should not be heavier than 25 lbs.

How do I bag food waste? Food waste must be placed in certified compostable bags and tied.

What time do I put out my garbage? Before 7:00 am on your collection day.

Does collection day change for holidays? Collection day does NOT change due to holidays except for Christmas and New Year’s Day. If collection day falls on Christmas or New Year’s Day, collection will be made on the next business day.

Bin Systems

One-Yard Bins

1 Yard Plastic Bins
  • Acorn’s unique one-yard plastic bins are small enough to wheel around and fit through doorways. They are simple to clean, with a drain plug in the bottom, and easy to access, with light lids and low sides.
  • Perfect for under chutes, outside your business or in resident-accessible garbage rooms.
  • Acorn provides sorting signs and labels for each bin.
  • Our collection drivers provide full-service waste removal, by accessing the bins, emptying them with a specialized dumping mechanism and returning them to their places. No need to have your own personnel put the trash out.

Front-Load Dumpsters

Front Load Dumpster
  • The perfect solution for high rise condominiums with garbage chutes, as well as commercial units, or properties with outdoor garbage enclosures.
  • Acorn has a full range of dumpster sizes from 2-yard bins to 8-yard dumpsters.
  • Our trucks are equipped with front arms that latch onto the bin, then pull up and dump waste into the back of the truck.

Roll-Off Bins

  • Bins come in many sizes depending on your needs.
  • Commonly used for general waste, renovation debris and home cleanout jobs.
  • Acorn can accommodate specific time frames the bin is required.
  • For the fastest service, please use our online request form.

Semi-Underground Bins

Semi- Underground Bins
  • Semi-underground bins (commonly known as Moloks) provide a superior solid waste management solution.
  • Containers sit slightly below ground level and are compact, environmentally friendly and virtually odour free.

Large Item Collection

  • Acorn is happy to provide any property with one-time, regular, semi-regular, or on-call Large Item Collection.
  • Great way to get rid of old furniture, appliances, Christmas trees, or household debris.
  • Perfect for pre-determined moving days, holidays (jack-o-lanterns and Christmas trees), as well as small amounts of renovation materials.
  • Great service for properties with semi-underground waste systems or dumpsters where abandoned objects often come to rest.
  • If a large item pickup is pre-booked for regular collection day, there is no additional site fee.
  • Use our GET QUOTE function to set up and pay for a large item collection.
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Request Large Item Pick-up

Yard Waste Collection

Golden Retriever pokes his head out of a large pile of leaves
  • Can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly.
  • Does not include dirt, sod, stones, renovation waste, or treated wood.
  • Standard brown paper yard waste bags are accepted; branches should be in small bundles.
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Request Yard Waste Pick-up