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Sorting Garbage & Recyclables

Acorn Waste Service | Sorting Garbage, Food Waste & Recyclables

1. Food Waste

Acorn’s food waste is taken to a facility to turn into compost. Read more about our food waste program.

Click for the sorting guide for ACORN Food Waste

2. Recycling

Acorn Waste collects single-stream recyclables. This means you can put all eligible recyclables into one bag! Acorn then collects all recyclables and takes them to local recycling transfer stations.

Click for the sorting guide for ACORN Recycling

3. Garbage

Acorn does its best to offer programs to minimize the amount of waste going to landfills; however, many products cannot be composted or recycled.

Click for the sorting guide for ACORN Garbage

Hazardous Waste

Acorn Waste Service is not licensed to collect any hazardous waste (items that are corrosive, flammable, explosive or poisonous). This means you must find an alternative means of disposal for: paints and solvents, cleaners, lightbulbs, medicines and syringes, batteries (household or car), propane and fuel tanks, motor oil, chemicals and grease.

Please keep our waste collectors and sorters safe, and be kind to the environment and one another, by disposing of these items in the proper way.

Food Waste Sorting Guide - Sorting Garbage & Recyclables
Recyclables - Sorting Garbage & Recyclables
Garbage Sorting - Sorting Garbage & Recyclables


How do I bag the garbage and recycling?

Garbage & recycling must be in tied bags: black or opaque bags for garbage, and blue or clear bags for recycling. For the safety of our employees, bags should not be heavier than 25 lbs.

How do I bag the food waste?

Food waste must be placed in certified compostable bags and tied.

What time do I put out my garbage?

Before 7:00 am on your collection day.

Does collection day change for holidays? 

Collection day does NOT change due to holidays except for Christmas and New Year’s Day. If collection day falls on Christmas or New Year’s Day, collection will be made on the next business day.