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From Trash to Treasure

Trash to Treasure – Too Much Stuff

Let’s face it, we all have too much stuff in our modern and affluent world. Or at least some of us do. Now that the holidays are behind us, what do we do with that older and still perfectly serviceable air fryer (that we just got a newer version of)? What about that stack of Blue-ray discs that you now let lie on your shelf because you have streaming services? For that matter what about that pile of books that have been gently used, but thoroughly read?

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Online classified ads are a good way to make a few pennies for sure. Someone is always in the market for something that someone else no longer has a need for. In the warmer months the good old yard sale lets you meet the neighbours. And are swap meets still a thing? Maybe they should be. Let us take a good look at your items and find out the best way to increase their lifespan. Remember the three Rs — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We’ll talk about the second R today.

Someone Could Use It

Every dusty knickknack, every old compact disc or vinyl record and every well-thumbed copy of that favourite book has a forever home somewhere. It may be with you, but if it isn’t you can find someone who wants it. As above there are various ways to get what you no longer need or want into the hands of someone who does. Check with your socials. We all have an embarrassment of connections to broad social circles now. If your closest connections don’t need that air fryer you can bet someone knows a young adult who just rented their first place who would love a surprise housewarming gift.

Neighbourhood Tiny Libraries

If your socials fail, try your local thrift shops and neighbourhood tiny libraries for those books. Tiny Libraries are a wonderful trend that sprang up everywhere. And most thrift shops are still operating for charity letting your gently used items go to a good home and sustain our fragile safety net for the less fortunate. Make sure that any item you donate is in good condition.

“Free to a Good Home”

If everything else fails, items left on the curb can be given a new life with a happy treasure hunter when they are set apart from your waste (clearly labelled and in good condition). Every collection day can be a swap meet if you want it to be. Just think of the joy that you will feel by giving an older item a new lease on life and letting someone who you may not have even met enjoy that appliance or trinket for years to come. And you can rest easy that one more thing has been saved from the landfill by your generosity.

Check out our sorting guide if it must go to landfill.