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Acorn Waste Service Environmental Initiatives

Who is Acorn Waste?

Acorn Waste Service is a leading provider of sustainable services and solutions that revolve around efficient waste management. Acorn Waste has a variety of services to meet all its customers’ needs. Early in the company’s history its focus was to become a full-service waste company that could make a difference in local environmental health. Since its founding in 2004, Acorn Waste Service has achieved its goal with a fleet of trucks that service many communities throughout Waterloo Region and Southern Ontario. With its various environmental initiatives, the company also contributes to local environmental initiatives.

Environmental Initiatives – Food Waste

What does Acorn Waste Service do for our local environment? Acorn Waste offers more than one “green” service, such as recycling only with modern systems that guarantee a higher percentage of processed recycling material. The company also runs a massive food waste program that processes food waste into compost. This is a significant as approximately 30% of local garbage consists of organic materials that would normally go to landfill. Using dedicated aerobic composting stations Acorn Waste Service significantly reduces methane emissions from food waste that would normally produce more if left to decompose in landfills. We all generate food waste but using Acorn Waste Service means that we all are contributing to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, and we’re all giving nutrients back to farmers fields for new organic growth. Completing a natural cycle instead of hindering it, that’s sustainability.

Acorn Waste is Listening

At Acorn Waste Service, they hear their clients that are interested in building a more sustainable future through waste management initiatives. As new ways are developed to divert useable materials from landfills the company will be involved and grow to support new ideas. Realistically, balance is needed to provide the areas waste collection needs with cost effective sustainability. Much more is needed; however, Acorn Waste Service is proud to be part of the solution and will keep trying to contribute to a brighter future for all.

In upcoming posts:

  • Read a detailed account of how The Food Waste Program is working to make a difference in your area.
  • Learn about other environmental initiatives that Acorn Waste is promoting.

Get a Green Reputation

Many Condominiums, Property Management Companies and Commercial operators, are pleased to work with Acorn Waste Service because of their positive attitude and goals regarding a green future. Today, being able to say your building uses a “green waste” company and promotes “green initiatives” can mean something to patrons, renters, and buyers.