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Captain Garbage Versus the Inadequate Trash Bag

What to do now that single-use plastic bags have been snapped?

Now that the ban of single-use plastic shopping bags has gone into effect you may be wondering how to deal with your trash. Many of us have grown accustomed to saving those bags and using them for our household waste. Some of us may be tempted to switch over to paper bags for the same job. Let me show you a few reasons why paper is going to be a sub-optimal replacement for your refuse needs.

Soaked Paper Bags

Rain and snow. Nuff said, in the words of Stan Lee. We’ve all used a sturdy yard waste bag and got it out to the street, only to find after a few hours of persistent precipitation that when your friendly neighbourhood waste collector came to pick it up, Blammo!  All of the leaves and twigs came flying out of the soaked bottom of the bag bent on scattering to the four winds and making you rake again. It only gets worse if that’s rubbish all over your yard and not in the truck where it belongs.

Bag Choices

Worry not, true believers, because Captain Garbage is flying fearlessly to the rescue. With a mighty Swoosh! Cap will round up that mess brightening your yard and your day. Captain Garbage has many powers, and his most steadfast of abilities is to distinguish between the ersatz bags that always disappoint and those rugged champions of justice, the black trash bag and the blue or clear recycling bag. Trust in old Cap, he knows that your best defence against waste woes is a good offence.

Inadequate Trash Bag - Captian Garbage
Captain Garbage

Keep it Under 25 lbs and Tie it Tightly

Once a mild-mannered freelance photographer, when Tommy Trashmore was bitten by a radioactive waste basket, he became Captain Garbage. Able to sort single-stream recycling in a single bound! Craftier than a trash panda! Powerful enough to get the job done and courteous enough to leave smiles in his wake like a runaway locomotive. Captain Garbage knows that if he wants to use a paper bag for small kitchen trash or recycling, then that small bag will be better off put into a larger bag with its peers. Just remember Cap’s motto, “Keep it under 25 lbs and tie it tightly, please and thank you”.  The courteous Captain truly does have a heart of gold.

Our “Great Responsibility”

So next time you’re bringing your waste to the curb for the good Captain to collect, remember that paper bags can never withstand the full force of this wondrous world’s elements. We’re all doing our parts alongside Cap to save this fragile globe by re-using our sturdy shopping bags, but we must be ever vigilant to contain our waste responsibly, for with great garbage comes great responsibility. Read Acorn Waste Service sorting guides.