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About Acorn Waste Service

Waste Collection Specialists

Acorn Waste Service is pleased to be your local waste collection specialist. We pride ourselves on our thorough, efficient and customized services. From individual residences to 100+ unit condominiums, Acorn can provide a tailored collection service for your specific needs.

Acorn uses specialized condo-sized trucks which are 50% smaller than average garbage trucks. These compact vehicles can easily maneuver small streets and narrow driveways with significantly less wear and tear to pavement. From one truck in 2004, Acorn Waste Service has grown to a full-service waste collection company with a fleet of trucks serving a variety of communities in southern Ontario.

Our unique one-yard bins are lightweight, easy to wheel around and simple to clean — a perfect match for our small trucks, and their custom designed dumping mechanism.

Simplifying waste collection is our passion, and we are constantly evolving by adding new services and specialized equipment to suit your specific needs.

Please contact us, for any collection needs.

About Acorn Waste Service

Our team

Our team members value our clients and are passionate about efficient and friendly service. We pride ourselves in our team spirit – our team members strive to support each other in their roles.

Acorn Waste Team
Serving Southern Ontario